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“The content today was genuinely gold” GGLT

"Annette presented great, in-depth insight into working memory and ways to identify and help children with difficulties.” NW24

"Annette’s enthusiasm and drive to ensure best possible outcomes for children is second to none. Thanks to her excellent subject knowledge, which she always looks to update, teachers benefit from her feedback and new ideas to enable children to make progress more quickly." Westbury Park School

One of the most interesting and, I anticipate, most useful inset sessions I have attended - thank you.” NW24


“This workshop was wonderful! Annette presented the information in a clear and engaging way. All of the information was helpful, as Annette followed her own instructions to minimise irrelevant distractions!” Ludgrove School

“A fantastic morning. I feel like I learned a lot and it will be easily transferred to my role.” Ludgrove School

"Annette was a joy to listen to - inspiring and clearly very knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing." NW24 

“I’ve been catching up on Rich's Mini CPD "Cognitive" sessions presented by Annette Garrett-Cox and they are so, so good - interesting, useful, very clear, and directly applicable to our teaching practice. I highly recommend them.” GGLT

"Just wanted to say another HUGE thank you for all your support today. Your session was brilliant – what an energetic, informative and inspiring presentation, it really was the perfect start for us!" Botanic Gardens Education Network

"Thank you for a great talk yesterday, lots of food for thought for us, and lots to unpack. I do so love learning something new." Badminton School 


"We would just like to tell you once more how grateful we are for your being part of our Fall VVC 2021. Without your cooperation and expertise, this event wouldn't have been possible. We hope you've enjoyed being a participant as much as we've enjoyed hosting you!"  Vocology in Practice

"INSET days are precious! These 5 days are the main opportunities that all the staff from the federation schools are able to spend time together so they need to make a difference to the way we teach and children can learn.  Annette’s recent work on working memory is so firmly embedded in classroom practice that it has most definitely had an impact on children’s learning.

The day we had with Annette recently was attended not only by teachers and teaching assistants from the federation and our partner school, but also students and governors; a very broad audience but what Annette had to say was relevant to everyone who attended, regardless of what they already knew about working memory.

Annette took us through the key concepts of the science of learning, which linked beautifully with the work we had done previously on growth mindset and developing learning through practice and building resilience. She went on to explain what working memory is and how information can be lost; as she explained what is actually happening in children’s brains, we could identify children who were struggling to learn and from there were able to plan what we can do to help them. Understanding the process of learning was enormously helpful in being able to focus our support effectively.

By giving us time to reflect on a planned lesson or intervention, we were able to see how our teaching could improve by introducing teaching strategies to optimise learning, retention and retrieval; Annette did this in a sensitive and humorous way, reflecting on her own practice as she went along, which re-assured everyone that we are all learning about the impact of neuroscience in the classroom.

At the end of the day, there was a real buzz from the teachers and TAs about applying their learning and requests for Annette to come back and share more of her insights with us. This is certainly something that we will do; Annette’s engaging presentation style and ability to explain difficult concepts in an accessible way, made this an excellent staff development day and one that has had an immediate impact on the way that we teach and enable children to learn to the best of their ability." Exe Valley Federation

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