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My Philosophy of Mathematics and Learning

Mathematics is a vibrant subject full of patterns and intricately woven threads. It is physical and abstract, encompassing the precision of knowledge and the creativity of problem-solving. Every child should have the opportunity to engage in mathematics that stimulates satisfaction, enjoyment, curiosity and wonder.

All learners come to maths from different starting points and perceptions. Through a deep understanding of the biological processes of learning and the educational stages of development in mathematics, I provide tailored tuition that supports and challenges learners, developing confidence and depth of understanding.


I have a deep-seated interest in how children learn. Understanding neural processes is integral to my role as a tutor. I have researched developments in mathematics education including dyscalculia and dyslexia, working memory, neural plasticity, maths anxiety, mindsets, motivation and teacher feedback. My experience and expertise in these areas enable my pupils to maximise their engagement with subject content, build new understanding and consolidate learning, whilst developing a deeper enjoyment of mathematics. 

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