Workshops and Seminars

Professional development for schools

Face-to-face and online workshops and seminars

A senior leader in teaching and learning, I provide high-calibre staff training informed by evidence-based research in the field of cognitive neuroscience and education.


Workshops and seminars include:

  • supporting children with working memory difficulties and/or dyscalculia

  • developing strategies to facilitate encoding learning to long-term memory

  • maximising the benefits of feedback and understanding the neurological process of learning from mistakes

  • developing a culture to reduce performance anxiety

  • using visual and concrete aids to deepen understanding and assist the transition to abstract thinking

What a tremendous workshop you delivered..!! Thank you so much for the contribution you made and for managing such an enormous group so successfully. We have had great feedback.”

Miranda Frost, NW24 Partnership Administrator


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Ludgrove School




“Annette presented great, in-depth insight into working memory and ways to identify and help children with difficulties.”
NW24 delegate

"Annette was a joy to listen to - inspiring and clearly very knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing."
NW24 delegate

"Annette’s enthusiasm and drive to ensure best possible outcomes for children is second to none.


Thanks to her excellent subject knowledge, which she always looks to update, teachers benefit from her feedback and new ideas to enable children to make progress more quickly."


Richard Bamber, Westbury Park School, Bristol