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"We are so incredibly grateful for all the support you have given Aria and confidence you have helped her build, she couldn't have done it without you. Thank you"

"Just to give you the good news that Jordon has passed his maths GCSE. As you can imagine, he's delighted! Thanks for all your help. He couldn't have done it without you. Given the challenge he has been up against, it's a great achievement. He has dyscalculia so getting him to a GCSE pass is phenomenal. Well done you."


"Thank you for your lovely message about Theo. It’s great to hear such positive feedback. He has really loved his lessons with you and will miss them.  His desire to continue maths to A level is definitely inspired by and a credit to you, Annette!  We’re very much looking forward to you working your magic on Elias next!"

Annette was an immense help in improving my maths skills over the four months before my GCSEs, resulting in a significant increase in my understanding and achievement. Before starting tuition with Annette, my mock GCSE grade was 5. Thanks to Annette's guidance, I achieved grade 8 at GCSE. This progress is a testament to her dedication and patience. 


Before working with Annette, I struggled to understand basic maths concepts and felt stuck in my progress. Annette's approach to teaching maths was refreshing and transformative. She encouraged me to go back to the basics, providing new perspectives that I hadn't considered before. 


What I appreciate most about Annette is her commitment to ensuring each concept is understood thoroughly. She patiently explained and re-explained topics using various strategies and approaches, and her ability to break down the 'Whys' behind mathematical principles was particularly helpful. For example, in topics like ratios and percentages, where I used to struggle, she helped me grasp the reasoning behind the concepts, ultimately transforming the way I approached and applied them.


Annette’s incorporation of visual representations really resonated with me. In addition, her advice on learning strategies and exam techniques supported my long-term memory and helped me consolidate and apply what she taught me. 


Annette's support has been invaluable, and I'm grateful for the positive impact she's had on my understanding of maths. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a patient and effective maths tutor. Both my siblings have been students of Annette. They have very different approaches to learning and yet have found that Annette has discovered a way to make maths 'work' for them and they have made great progress.

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