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Maths Tuition

11+, 13+, IB MYP, GCSE and IGCSE preparation and revision

Key Stages 3 and 4 curriculum support


Adult Learning

Bespoke Private Tutoring

Even with the best education schools can provide, all learners benefit from the opportunity to have private, tailored lessons that focus attention to individual need and allow adjustment to pace.

I provide expert mathematics teaching and custom-planned lessons designed to increase confidence, progress and motivation. I provide tuition from upper Key Stage 2 to GCSE to support and extend learners across a range of individual needs and requirements, including revision skills and exam techniques.

Using a deep understanding of the cognitive neuroscience of learning, lessons are planned to engage learners, build knowledge and understanding by strengthening the connections between new learning and prior knowledge, and consolidate learning through the purposeful application of skills.

The Study

I offer tuition online or face-to-face in 'The Study', a room dedicated to learning and based in my home in Redland, Bristol. The Study provides a supportive learning environment with immediate and flexible access to a wide range of resources chosen to support the greatest learning outcomes.

Online Learning​

I am fully equipped to host maths tutoring sessions online.  Using Zoom as my platform, I employ a pen tablet to enable neat and efficient annotations of online resources and, where appropriate, I operate a visualiser to support the use of physical manipulatives. 

I recommend that all pupils participating in lessons online have access to a laptop and a pen tablet (the medium-sized 'One by Wacom' tablet works very well). This tool allows pupils to write directly onto the screen and enables us to work collaboratively through a problem in real-time. 


All notes, exercises and annotations made online are saved and shared with pupils to ensure they have a complete record of their learning.

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